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CLL’s investment in training

In October 2021, the CLL Management team recognised the Need for a Fulltime Training Co Ordinator.

The position was advertised and Interviews with external and internal candidates was carried out and at the end of March 2022 a decision was made to appoint the position to an Experienced in-house Senior Project Manager.

The Training was to continue to focus on H and S using predominantly external providers and to increase focus on Quality Assurance developing in house processes and Training lessons and assessments.

Coupled with that, was the need to inject more attention into the already well established CLL Career Development, as well as continue the drive to provide opportunities for CLL staff to complete a recently established NZQA Unit standard based Piling qualification provide by Connexis Infrastructure Training / Te Pukenga.

CLL has made a long Term commitment to provide an increase in quantity and quality of Training and has recently had several key and experienced staff Graduate Adult and Tertiary Teaching NZQA recognised Training and Workplace Assessor US 4098.

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