Our story

Throughout CLL’s 35 years of business we have fostered courageous creativity and entrepreneurship propelling us forward onto bigger, more complex projects. Always with a people first approach.

From fencing and landscaping all those years ago, we now offer a range of large scale construction solutions. Our services and techniques are unique to CLL through our own invention and methodology, or discovery from pioneering technology in Europe.  We offer the best available practice across piling, retaining, ground stabalisation and ground improvements.

Our team understands the varying nature of New Zealand’s complex geology and can provide expert advice for your specific site, no matter the location.

Services (solutions)

Our service and solution offerings are listed below


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69 Mclaughlins Road, Wiri, Auckland
  • Client Macrennie Commercial Construction Ltd
  • Duration 1 Month
  • Value 3.3M
  • Service Displacement & Ground Improvement Piling
  • Client Rymans Healthcare
  • Duration 1 years
  • Value 2M
  • Service Retention Piling
Parnell, Auckland Clearwater
  • Duration 1 years
  • Value 4.7M
  • Service Design and Construct

Core Values

CLL Service & Solutions

  • We are straightforward and ethical.
  • We are astute and considerate.

CLL Service & Solutions

  • We put service and people first.
  • We respect and share knowledge with each other.
  • We give others confidence and promote growth.

CLL Service & Solutions

  • We strive to think, feel and act (rather than react).
  • We are innovative and receptive to new ideas.

CLL Service & Solutions

  • We take personal responsibility.
  • We are confident in our ideals.


People first means safety first.

CLL Service & Solutions
We do not break ground until permit to dig has been issued.
CLL Service & Solutions
Geotech approved piling platforms must be in place.
CLL Service & Solutions
The piling zone must be isolated using signage and barriers.
CLL Service & Solutions
No lift is done without a lift plan in place.
CLL Service & Solutions
No machine or vehicle movement without a spotter.
CLL Service & Solutions
Open holes are never left uncovered.
CLL Service & Solutions
No cellphone use while driving or operating.