Our Commitment

CLL Corp. Services Limited (CLL) have established this policy to be consistent with international
standards, industry practices and regulatory requirements as well as providing a framework for the
setting and regular review of our environmental objectives (i.e. reduce environmental incidents, reduce
fleet emissions, reduce paper printing etc.)

How we will achieve it

Protect the environment

CLL is committed to safeguarding the environment, biodiversity, and ecosystems, with a focus on
pollution prevention and overall waste reduction.

Reduce consumption

CLL will endeavour to reduce consumption of natural resources by efficient use of water and energy


CLL will ensure conformance with applicable legislative, regulatory and general compliance


Purchasing decisions will be in line with our commitment to reduce our environmental impact and
to ensure continual improvement.


CLL will encourage participation from our workers and clients and identify and reward CLL’s workers

Continual improvement

CLL is committed to continually improving our environmental management system and to enhance
environmental performance via environmental gap style analysis (i.e. identifying key environmental
issues, regular audits of our sites and systems).


This policy is communicated to all workers, interested parties as well as being made available to the
wider community via our site-specific documentation, CLL intranet (ROBO) and CLL webpage.

Refer to CLL’s Sustainability Plan and the annual Key Objectives for more information.

QA179 – Version 03

Next review date: August 2024