Get to know the brains behind your solution.

Sean Henry
Sean Henry GM
Ouadhah Ragued
Ouadhah Ragued GM - Construction
Vaughan Robbins GM - Commercial
Rene Van Oosterom
Rene Van Oosterom CFO
Michael Neville
Michael Neville GM – Operations
Nicolla O'Brien
Nicolla O’Brien
Olric Thomas
Olric Thomas Construction Manager
Juan Santacruz
Juan Santacruz Construction Manager
Chris Tuxford
Chris Tuxford Construction Manager
Jan Slovacek Construction Manager - BOP Area Manager
Kerri Murphy Construction Manager - Christchurch Area Manager
Chelsea Ford
Chelsea Ford HR Manager
Pete Beatson-Morris
Pete Beatson-Morris Project Manager
Mark Lloyd Project Manager
Thivaharan Sivam Project Manager
Ravee Dondapati
Ravee Dondapati Project manager
Walid Zaza
Walid Zaza Project Manager
Broderick Rawlings Project Manager
Bruce Feldmann
Bruce Feldmann Project Manager
Vajahat Khan
Vajahat Khan Project Manager
Jonathan Walker
Jonathan Walker Project Manager
Paul Tamayao Project Manager
Pearly Lanagan
Pearly Lalangan Estimating
Suryakant Patel Estimator
Jose Lanagan
Jose Lalangan QS
Ksenia Evtukhina
Ksenia Evtukhina QS
Olli Knuttilla
Olli Knuuttila Health & Safety
Andrew Hellesoe
Andrew Hellesoe Training