Retaining solutions

We construct retaining walls of many types and sizes, for commercial, industrial and residential clients, and for public infrastructure projects. Our specialisation is designing problem-solving alternatives for site and circumstances. Our experience allows us to advise and examine cost options, as well as knowledge around design advantages and what the finished look may be.

CLL can provide an integrated, beginning-to-end package, including drainage, ground anchors and waterproofing, along with the design and consent process.

Our retaining solutions and systems include:

  • Timber pole walls
  • Steel UC pipe walls
  • Reinforced concrete piles walls. Can be combined with Shotcrete or tilt panels for high spec finish if required
  • Masonry walls
  • Composite walls, including geosynthetic materials
  • Gabion walls
  • Crib walls

“There’s many different ways you can create a retaining solution. Part of our job is to talk to clients, and discuss the best method to offer as an answer to people’s challenges. Often we can come up with a solution that wasn’t on their radar. Part of the reason is CLL’s very up to date with some of the new technologies and systems that exist.

“Some of what we provide, no one else in New Zealand can do. Often we’ll get comments back from clients, ‘I didn’t realise you could do that’. We consider ourselves to be innovative, and are constantly introducing new disciplines into the foundation and construction sector that are unique in our country.”

“We’re not afraid to buy new technology, new machinery. For example, we have the largest fixed mast rig in New Zealand. We’re capable of drilling holes up to 80m deep.”

— Mark Lloyd