Kiwi Rail Construction

CLL has carried out rail infrastructure projects in major cities across New Zealand, including design and builds and stabilising of strata, rock and soil around rail site

We carried out KiwiRail’s Wellington Overhead Line Electrification in 2019/2020 working intensively over holiday periods to replace equipment and masts (some of which dated back to 1938). This six month exercise had minimal impact on commuters.

Our Kingsland rail underpass project took 21 very carefully planned days  over the Christmas holidays. The start-to-finish project required retaining, excavating and installing a precast underpass structure. Because of CLL’s specialist knowhow around deep piling in difficult ground conditions, all objectives were achieved.

This required – while casing the hole and coping with ground water – strong attention to minimising the impacts on both the public and the rail operation.

“Within CLL we’ve had significant exposure and experience in rail and understand its subtleties and the environment. There’s not many others who can see the problem, carry out the planning, manage the relationships, and have the resources to back up and execute the plan. At CLL we have the scale and brains to be able to do so.”

“What we also find is that since rail has its own ‘linear challenge’, in which you’re restricted to a 4.5m corridor, we’ve developed our own methods and dynamics to execute what is required, under those space constraints. It’s not easy to carry out a piling project, or retaining wall solution when you don’t have much room to play with – but that’s one of our skills.”

“It means we’re not only good at rail projects, we can also use such knowledge when it comes to the linear challenges that motorways and other roading ventures provide.”

— Ouadhah Ragued