Displacement Piling and Ground Improvement

Full displacement technology has been developed in Europe. There are several versions for this process, some which partially displace soils and others which completely displace soils (FDP).
CLL has invested in technology, plant and equipment which covers all versions of the technology.

There are obvious advantages with displacement techniques being that no spoil is generated, and the ground is densified, however there are some complex issues to be considered before displacement works may be designed.

When they suit the intended structure and the geology, they are superior in cost and time, and we have on several occasions provided astonishing savings to projects by changing from conventional piling techniques to displacement techniques.

We have available displacement techniques which use vibration or impact to penetrate the ground and other techniques which use force and rotation.

Recently CLL has imported the Olivier technology which is a game changer in that the process requires 40% less concrete than conventional bored piling or displacement piling for the same diameter.

Olivier from Belgium combined with Liebherr in Austria to develop specific tooling which is used to install the Olivier system.

CLL uses Liebherr piling equipment extensively therefore the addition of the Olivier system was a natural and straightforward process.

In Belgium where the technique was conceived and developed approximately 70% of piles constructed use this technique.

CLL has the capacity to construct displacement piles and piers up to 710mm diameter and up to 30m deep.