Design and Construction

CLL takes care of the design and build of your in-ground projects, simplifying the process for our clients and reducing costs.

Our 35 years of experience across complex landscapes provides valuable insight into pre-purchase and pre-design feasibility assessments, and the overall design of the project.

We work with a small number of expert geotechnical consultants who have experience and an appetite for design and build projects. Due that ground improvement work, by design, does not structurally connect with the rigid floor structures, our Geotech experts are involved from the very beginning. This ensures that what is constructed below the ground is fit for purpose for what will be built above it.

The construction industry is trending toward a more unified approach to projects. Consultant led designs are fraught with risk due to the lack in understanding of site specific methodologies, real time innovation and evolution of construction techniques, and current market costs.

We offer significant experience in design and construction as well as ECI with a robust understanding of design, method, and cost relationships and an understanding of the connection between the foundation and structure.

Having us involved early as a full service teams means a smooth project from start to finish. CLL has become specialized in almost all types of foundation techniques and have experience in a wide range of infrastructure and building projects.

The ECI process is never more valuable than in the ground where most of the risk and unknown variability is located, provided the ECI design build partners have the right stuff. CLL and our partners provide this expertise and have the completed projects to prove it.

Our core competencies:

  • Bored piling – with vibro casing, Kelly casing. – from 450mm dia to 5.5m dia up to 90m deep
  • Bentonite, polymer supported piling
  • CFA
  • Double rotary CFA
  • Displacement piling
  • Olivier Piling
  • Secant piling
  • Driven piling
  • Sheet piling
  • Micro piling
  • Restricted headroom piling
  • Clutched tube walls
  • Combi walls
  • Ground improvement techniques
  • RAPs
  • Grouted Raps
  • Permeation grouting
  • Compensation grouting

CLL have developed an engagement memorandum for all the aspects of ECI works.

The MOU simply sets out a scope of works that CLL and partners will provide along with associated costs if any. The intention of signing up to a MOU is to clarify expectations and deliver on them.

The MOU clarifies an obligation upon receiving the advice that the client will continue to engage and negotiate with CLL to complete the project. The MOU implies no legal obligation, and a client may walk away after negotiating in good faith to a point where negotiations fail to produce a result.

CLL intends that little or no cost will be incurred at these early stages for the benefit of people doing feasibility works and CLL is confident based on experience that negotiations are unlikely to fail in producing a result.

Examples of successful ECI and D and C projects

  • Christchurch stadium – Besic watpac
  • Tasti foods – Tasti foods
  • Heb Place – A Kidd
  • Walmer Rd – Waide
  • The Victor basement – Victor Jia
  • Parnell Apartments – Clearwater
  • Ponsonby Central – Aspec

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