Bridge construction

CLL have constructed, and reconstructed, a number of bridges including major roadways and residential bridges (particularly for private access).

Often there are specific challenges around noise, neighbours, resource consent, and attendant marine life. Our problem-solving approach mitigates these challenges and ensures that projects are delivered on-time and on-budget with minimal disruption to people and the environment.

“Bridge building is just one of the many project skills that CLL has. In a sense, once construction gets above the ground, the building of your infrastructure is much easier, your destiny is much more secure. And while the above ground component is something we’re more than capable of executing, making sure the below-ground foundation is stable is a particular skill that very few others have to our level of expertise.”

“The point is, we can cope with whatever is below the ground. Constructing a bridge on top of secure foundations is the most important component of the whole thing.”